Leipziger Dialog

Administrative court judges come from all over Germany to take part in the Leipziger Dialog. The events are used for discussions among colleagues without explicit reference to specific cases. They are organised jointly by the Federal Administrative Court and the Association of Administrative Court Judges in Germany (BDVR). The next Leipziger Dialog will take place on 19 and 20 May 2022.

Joint publications with the Conseil d’État

The Federal Administrative Court and the French Conseil d’État have each published rulings by the partner court since 2015. Important decisions by the Courts and summary essays are translated and published in an academic journal in the respective other country. Partners in the project are Revue française de droit administratif and Neue Zeitschrift für Verwaltungsrecht.


The Federal Administrative Court supports the ReNEUAL project. In this project a set of model rules for EU Administrative Procedure was drafted. This draft presents the quintessential aspects of the various national systems of procedural law. It is a prime example of how national legal orders contribute to European law. The draft was prepared by experts from academia and practice in numerous European states. A German translation of the draft has been available since 2015. The German version of the draft was presented at the Federal Administrative Court in November of the same year. The project received support during the German ACA-Europe presidency by the organisation of a seminar and a colloque.