Committees and representative bodies

The following committees and representative bodies are established at the Federal Administrative Court.


The board is a body within the system of judicial self-administration. It rules on the Court's roster allocating court business.

The board of the Federal Administrative Court is composed of the president and eight judges elected by the judges of the Court. The vice president of the Court also sits on the board in an advisory capacity.

Consultative Council for Judicial Appointments

The consultative council for judicial appointments is a body through which the judiciary participates in the election of new judges. It also contributes to the appointment of presiding judges, the president and the vice president of the Court.

The consultative council for judicial appointments is chaired by the president of the Federal Administrative Court and is furthermore composed of the vice president, an elected member of the board and two other members elected by the judges.

Council of Judges

The council of judges must be consulted in general and social matters of relevance to the judges. It represents their interests towards the president and court administration. In this regard, it cooperates with the staff council on matters of overarching significance.

The council of judges has three members. They are elected by the judges at the Federal Administrative Court for a period of four years.

Staff Council

The staff council represents the interests of the administrative staff at the Federal Administrative Court. In certain matters (such as recruitments, transfers, issues of workplace design, etc.), the staff council is given a right of co-determination. Such decisions can only be reached with the approval of the staff council. The staff council is the competent contact point for employees to voice suggestions, questions and criticism. This may for example refer to collective bargaining agreements, health management or workplace disputes. The members of the staff council are elected by the employees for a period of four years.

Representative Body of Severely Disabled Employees

The representative body of severely disabled employees promotes participation of disabled persons in working life and represents their interests at the Court. It provides counselling and assistance. This applies to all matters that affect individual severely disabled persons or severely disabled persons collectively. The representative body of severely disabled employees is composed of one representative and two deputies.

Representative Body of Young Employees and Apprentices

This body represents the interests of young employees below the age of 18 and of apprentices below the age of 25. It ensures that concerns of young employees are properly considered by the staff council. In this regard, the representative body of young employees and apprentices is entitled to attend each meeting of the staff council in an advisory capacity.